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Apna asmaan   0138

Release date:
Running time:110
Age restriction:10 V
How far would you go to make your child a genius?

Ravi and Padmini share a strained relationship due to their teenage son Buddhis intellectual handicap. Buddhi, a mildly autistic slow learner displays his flair for art but his parents, with their middle-class insecurities, neither recognise nor encourage
his talent. Driven by Padminis social insecurities and Ravis guilt for dropping Buddhi as a baby, the parents chase an unreal dream of seeing their son as a normal good student who, like others, must become an engineer or a doctor.

While Dr Sen, the neurologist, tries hard to make Padmini accept the reality, Ravis accidental meeting with Dr Sathya the maverick scientist, leads him to the experimental Brain Booster that can make Buddhi a genius. The magic drug has a side effect Amnesia, which Ravi thinks is a blessing since Buddhi has no good memories to talk about. Initially, Ravi hesitates to administer the drug but one night, in an inebriated state, he is sufficiently provoked by Padmini to inject Buddhi with the Brain Booster. The immediate effect seems like the end of Buddhis life but he eventually recovers from the shock to emerge as a newly born son much smarter but very confused and aloof.

While the parents celebrate their new life, they overlook the consequences of a child who has no emotional bond with them. As Buddhi begins to show signs of being a genius, news breaks out about Dr Sathyas dark past and the ill effects of his magic drug. The parents then begin to encounter the dark side of their dream, with which they had not bargained.

Genre: Drama
Cast: Irrfan Khan, Shobana, Rajat Kapoor
Anupam Kher, Dhruv P. Panjuani
Directed by: Kaushik Roy
Screenplay: Kaushik Roy
Music: Lesle Lewis
Produced by: Umang Pahwa, Kaushik Roy
Language: Hindi

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This work is not on the 8-week window, i.e. is not currently scheduled for release at Nu Metro.