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One Last Look   2694

Release date:
Running time:90
Age restriction:
After a pumping trance party deep in the African bush, Yasmin wakes to find her sister Angie missing. Faced with a choice to get back on the departing overland truck or be left on her own, Yasmin accepts the help of loner musician Jules, in trying to track Angie down. The trail leads to a remote farmhouse where Angie is held captive by Frank, a charismatic sculptor turned vicious serial killer. Drugged and tortured, Angie's only hope of escape is Yasmin. But when Frank's psychopathic guard-dog knocks Yasmin and Jules off his ancient motorbike and Jules is killed by Frank, Yasmin's life hangs on a thread. Only by confronting her deepest fears and entering the dark recesses of Frank's unhinged mind is Yasmin able to understand how to save herself and Angie - but not without more blood ...

Genre: Thriller
Cast: Anna Capraro, Martin Kintu, Neil Sandilands
Directed by: Philip Roberts
Language: English

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