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A Gas Station   4836

Release date: Fri 13 Oct 2017
Running time:110 (1h50’)
Age restriction:

It is considered pure love when someone would lay down their life for the sake of love. "A Gas Station" is, according to this general concept, a story of pure love. The nature of love in this film looks like a gas station that stands alone in a desolate field with no trace of visitors. The ultimate thing we can be sure of in the end is the love for oneself in the course of trying to maintain love for another. The love story of Mut for Mun is mirrored in the love story of Mun for Nok, the one Mun loves. Mun in fact does not respond to Nok just like he doesn't to Mut. Pure love often requires distortion and sacrifice because of its obsession with purity, and the desire to protect it. Mun's lingering, 20-year love is another name for the barrier to Nok, and Mun sheds tears realizing his love paradoxically caused the farewell. The dreary picture of the gas station overlaps the meaning of pure love.

Cast: Apa Bhavilai, Prama Immanothai, Ashiraya Peerapatkunchaya
Directed by: Tanwarin Sukkhapisit
Language: Thai

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