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Horse Riders   4846

Release date: Wed 18 Oct 2017
Running time:85 (1h25’)
Age restriction:

Horse riders is a story which relies on the human happiness reflected trough three homeless young people. Alec and Muppet are forgotten by the society and pass their days under a neglected bridge. Not having the basic living conditions, there is nothing left but living in an imaginary world of fantasies and looking for their happiness and fulfilment there. When Sarah appears in the whole story, everything turns in a different direction. The fantasy becomes reality which leads toward a bizarre tragic point. THIS is a STORY on how LITTLE do we need to find the HAPPINESS and EVEN LESS to lose it.

Cast: Vladimir Jarevski, Boban Kuleski, Nikola Kuzelov
Directed by: Marjan Gavrilovski
Language: Macedonian

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