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Tragedy on Rogers Bay   4860

Release date: Sat 14 Oct 2017
Running time:93 (1h33’)
Age restriction:

NSRA (Northern sea route administration) inspector Nikolay Zherdev got the order to come on the polar research station on the Wrangel island and commit the doctor Wolfson’s death as an accident.

Zherdev doesn’t want to do that and leave her pregnant wife for a long time, but this order is a big chance. His chef says if he’ll do everything “right” he will get a party card and they will forget that Zherdev’s father was the “white officer”.

At the first day in Arctic Zherdev understands that his trip will not be easy: anti-semitism and other signs on station says that doctor Wolfson was killed and this death linked with death of some local Inuit and Chukchy people.

Risking his career, Zherdev goes against all advices from above and begins the investigation. With local Inuit peoples he saves Wolfson’s wife but his own life is in danger

Directed by: Philipp Abryutin

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