Ek Joke Net 2
You can’t hide from K.@.K.
The pranksters are back for Round Two, and this time, no one’s safe! Under the banner of the newly established Comical Actors’ Commission (K.@.K) they prank their “prey” when their prey least expects it.

Students find themselves in the midst of a drug bust, a blind man asks for help while buying condoms, video store assistants discover pornographic films in customers’ DVD cases, and a well-known rock band is threatened by the police.

You can't hide from K.@.K — and that's no joke.
© 2014 The Film Factory

Cast: Solomon Cupido, Hannes Brümmer, Lelia Etsebeth, Yolandi Malherbe, Richard Lukunku, Thokozani Ntuli, Andrew Thompson, Altus Theart, Musa Mthombeni, Bryan Hadwen, Nine Nieuwoudt
Director: Stefan Nieuwoudt
Written by: Stefan Nieuwoudt, Danie Bester, Dries Scholtz, Hannes Brümmer
Music: Supra Familias, Tommy Tucker
Release date: Thu 1 May 2014
Language: English, Afrikaans, Zulu
Running time: 96
Age restriction: 10–12PG  L S