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Finding Lenny  0849

Release date: Fri 3 Apr 2009
Running time:93 (1h33’)
Age restriction:PG L

Everything happens for a reason.

Everyone keeps telling Lenny Vincent that everything happens for a reason. He hears it so often that he's almost tempted to believe it. When he's relieved of his position as coach at St. Benedict's, "everything happens for a reason." When he's fired from his job as a sports writer at a daily paper, "everything happens for a reason." When his wife of 19 years leaves him for a young hustler... well, you guessed it.

The movie follows the series of misfortunes that befall its lead character, Lenny (Barry Hilton) and his triumphant return to happiness when circumstances (and soccer) collide to provide him with some interesting new options in life.

Genre: Comedy
Cast: Barry Hilton
Russel Savadier, Yule Masiteng, Ron Smerczak, Catriona Andrew, Vuyo Dabula, Mandla Hltashwayo
Directed by: Neal Sundström
Music: Wessel van Rensburg
Produced by: Terry Vallet
Language: English

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