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The Satyr of Springbok Heights   1247

Release date: Thu 16 Sep 2010
Running time:54 (0h54’)
Age restriction:16 L N S

An Art-Deco gem of exquisite proportions, Springbok Heights’ curved balconies provide a commanding view of Cape Town’s historic Company Gardens and the mountain. Not so exquisite are its notorious residents who do not seem to have much command over themselves, let alone the mythical creature in their midst. Well known among Cape Town intellectuals, architects and journalists, the building, the existence of this particular Satyr, and the residents’ unwitting (or not) involvement with the Satyr, is researched, examined and dissected. Meanwhile the residents – greasy Wouter Malan, misunderstood Hilda Steyn and innocent Nathan Golding – pontificate on the intimacy of their closeted community, drawing a thin veil over the smouldering hotbed of lust, loneliness, inevitable tragedy and unrequited love that the "halfbokke" thrives on.

Genre: Mockumentary
Cast: Nicholas Spagnoletti, Louise Kotze, Aldo Cupido, Dane Bezuidenhout
Directed by: Robert Silke
Screenplay: Robert Silke
Music: Shaun Michau
Produced by: Aaron Scheiner
Language: English

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