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Teen Patti
(तीन पत्ती)  1444

Release date: Fri 26 Feb 2010
Running time:133 (2h13’)
Age restriction:13m L V

Are you being played?

A thriller about the interplay of gambling luck, fate and mathematical probability.

Perci Trachtenberg is one of the world's greatest living mathematicians. Venkat Subramaniam is a reclusive math genius from India - a genius who's on the verge of cracking a theory that could redefine the principles of probability. Encouraged to test his theory in real life, Venkat trains five of his brightest protégés for high-stakes gambling. Meanwhile, Perci understands that Venkat's new theory could have far-reaching implications for mathematics and science. It's a theory that questions the ideas of both fate and what is randomness. A knowledge that could change the world would be dangerous in wrong hands. Soon, Venkat's experiment spirals into a deadly game beyond his control.

Genre: Drama, Thriller
Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, R. Madhavan, Saira Mohan, Raima Sen, Siddharth Kher, Shraddha Kapoor, Vaibhav Talwar, Dhruv Ganesh, Ben Kingsley
Directed by: Leena Yadav
Screenplay: Shiv Subramanyam, Leena Yadav
Music: Salim Merchant
Produced by: Ambika A Hinduja
Language: Hindi

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