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(रावण)  1539

Release date: Fri 18 Jun 2010
Running time:136 (2h16’)
Age restriction:13 L V
One man. Ten heads. Ten minds. A hundred voices.

Beera Munda is undisputed, unlawful and untamed. Dev Pratap Sharma is unconventional: The punisher, the law and the righteous. Ragini is the conscience, the beauty and the music - a classical dancer who is equally as unconventional as Dev.

Dev falls in love with Ragini, they get married, and he takes up his new post in Lal Maati, a small town in northern India, where the law is not in the hands of the police, but Beera, a tribal who has, over the years, shifted power from the ruling class to the underclass. Dev understands that the key to bringing order is to fight the big fish.

Dev rips open Beera’s world in a single stroke, setting off a chain of events that will claim lives and change fortunes. Beera, injured and enraged, hits back, starting a battle that draws them all deep into the dense, confusing and ominous jungle. The jungle will test their beliefs and convictions, which are almost as intimidating — it becomes the battleground of good and evil, Dev and Beera, between Ram and Raavan.

When the lines dividing good and evil are blurring fast, whose side will you take? When hate turns to love and the good starts looking evil, for which side will you battle?

Love is a battle that everyone must fight.

Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
Cast: Abishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Chiyaan Vikram, Govinda, Priyamani, Ravi Kishan, Nikhil Dwivedi
Directed by: Mani Ratnam
Screenplay: Mani Ratnam, Rensil D'Silva
Music: A.R. Rahman
Produced by: Mani Ratnam
Language: Hindi

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