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The Unforgiving  1720

Release date: Fri 20 Aug 2010
Running time:74 (1h14’)
Age restriction:18 L V

Pray for death.

Rex and Alice are stranded next to a freeway outside Johannesburg. They're abducted by a masked madman, who does unthinkable things to them. Both survive, but wish they hadn’t. Investigating the crime is Detective Hirsch, a police officer who does things his way. He throws the two into separate interrogation cells and questions them relentlessly.

Rex had found himself chained up in an abandoned farmhouse. After numerous escape attempts, he was beaten by his assailant. He slowly regained consciousness to find that he was no longer alone - Vincent, another captive, was there, in a frantic state. Just as their interaction began to make headway, their tormentor returned, drugging them and dragging Rex to a dilapidated compound, where Rex was forced to make one fateful phonecall.

In the other interrogation room, Alice reluctantly tells her story. The last thing she recalls is having a plastic bag pulled over her face in a suffocation attempt. After a series of brutal blows, she was left for dead. Through the bloodied plastic bag, she could see her assailant departing. She desperately attempted escape with what little energy she had. Instead, she was recaptured and savagely raped.

Is Alice's morphine addiction hampering her perspective? Is Rex hiding something behind his cocky exterior? And where does Vincent fit into everything? The film is an unremitting navigation of a labyrinth of suffering, murder and corruption as it builds to a bloody climax, crossing moral boundaries and leaving audiences questioning what they'd do to survive if their lives were in the hands of one of the most grotesque serial killers imaginable.

Genre: Horror
Cast: Ryan Macquet, Claire Opperman, Michael Thompson, Craig Hawks
Directed by: Alistair Orr
Screenplay: Alistair Orr
Music: Wikus du Toit
Produced by: Ryan Macquet, Lorika Boshoff
Language: English

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