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Action Replayy  1938

Release date: Fri 5 Nov 2010
Running time:128 (2h08’)
Age restriction:PG V
Rewind your life.

Bunty loves his girlfriend, Tanya, but he's a misogamist. His marriage-phobia stems from his parents' (Kishen and Mala) acrimonious relationship. They're a match made in Hell, even after thirty years. Then, Tanya's professor grandfather gives Bunty an ultimatum — get married to Tanya or stop seeing her! As Bunty's surprise party for his parents' 35th wedding anniversary deteriorates into yet another explosive fight, he decides to turn back the clock — literally! How? By stealing the professor's time machine, of course! Back to when his parents weren't married. To a time when Kishen's father and Mala's mother were sworn enemies, his father was a nerd, bullied merciless by his own father, and his tomboyish mother couldn't stand the sight of his father and took great pleasure in ragging him silly.

Bunty has his work cut out for him. He has to transofrm his father from a nerd into an eligible bachelor, and his mother from a tomboy into lady. Then, he has to do the impossible - make them fall in love. Finally, he has to make his grandparents agree to his parents' love marriage! Until and unless he does this, his own love story with Tanya will never have a happy ending.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi
Cast: Aksha Kumar, Aishwarya Rai, Neha Dhupia
Directed by: Vipul Shah
Screenplay: Suresh Nair, Ritesh Shah, Aatish Kapadia
Music: Pritam
Produced by: Vipul Shah
Language: Hindi

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