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Intersection, An   2150

Release date: Sun 12 Jun 2011
Running time:28 (0h28’)
Age restriction:

“There are a lot of fathers out there, but few daddies”. So begins Slater’s intimate portrayal of two HIV positive people who decide to have a child. The risks, the worries, the practical details – Intersection is remarkable for its calm, elegant honesty and abiding gentleness. It’s an ordinary Botswanan couple – neither young, outspoken or in any way remarkable – that embark on the difficult journey towards parenthood. Yet, as the film unfolds and the birth imminent, the two become all sorts of remarkable, revealing a slew of deeply affecting admissions and intimacies that transform them into unwitting heroes for all would-be parents battling prejudice. By turns intense, heart breaking, touching as well as funny (a great first nappy moment), Intersection demands a wide audience.

Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Karin Slater

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