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Mining for Change: A Story of South African Mining   2154

Release date: Mon 13 Jun 2011
Running time:72 (1h12’)
Age restriction:

From the optimism of the 1955 Kliptown Freedom Charter to Mandela’s 1992 admission to being unable to ‘persuade’ the G7 at Davos to ‘allow’ South Africa to nationalise mines, Mining For Change tracks the intriguing history of SA’s most important industry. The failures of the Mining Charter and new calls for nationalisation are debated by scores of heavyweights, from Oppenheimer and Malema to Ramaphosa and Mandela, who reveal back room discussions on the global pressure that forced the u-turn. New voices and labour and rights groups uncover the wealth, systems and interests that have kept the industry ‘untouchable’. The film steers a considered path between social and business aspects, measuring debate of the need to transform against the need to stay globally competitive. Compelling cinema and essential viewing for anyone interested in the real future of South Africa.

Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Navan Chetty, Eric Miyeni

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