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Bakgat! 3  2379

Release date: Fri 6 Sep 2013
Running time:101 (1h41’)
Age restriction:10–12PG L N S

Wimpie and his fiance, Katrien, immigrate to England where he has been offered a contract to play rugby. But, happy endings are not so easy to come by, and the two of them quickly discover that London is not as cool as they thought. Their London apartment is anything but a mansion and Wimpie’s English teammates give him a hard time. Wimpie’s earlier nemesis, Werner, is also in Wimpie’s team and together they start a proudly South African rugby team. The players they manage to round up are not really winning material and they have little hope of winning the league. By some miracle, the unlikely team manages to achieve some success and as they draw closer to the final match, it seems as if Wimpie and Katrien’s happy ending will depend on the success of the team.

Genre: Comedy
Cast: Ivan Botha, Cherie Van Der Merwe, Altus Theart
Directed by: Stefan Nieuwoudt
Screenplay: Henk Pretorius, Hanneke Schutte
Produced by: Danie Bester, Pierre Boezaart
Language: Afrikaans

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