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Bros B4 Hos  2966

Release date: Fri 12 Apr 2013
Running time:45 (0h45’)
Age restriction:18

When most people hear the word “Drag King” they assume that you must mean “Drag Queen”- that is how little is known about Drag Kings. Whilst it seems obvious, the notion that women can do the same thing is often surprising. Fresh from first-time filmmaker Samantha Lea comes an intimate and revealing look into the lives of 6 extraordinary women, as they write themselves into the history books as South Africa’s first ever Drag King troupe. The film takes the viewer on a journey through the landscape of female masculinity in a way that has never been done before, and shows just how malleable and impermanent gender really is. Through their performances, BROS B4 HO’S explore their identity in a way that leaves them feeling inspired and empowered. Each from different backgrounds and choosing to do drag for different reasons, the women cement their bond through rehearsing and preparing for their first big sold-out debut show. In the end the troupe becomes like a family for them, as they leave a legacy that the LGTBQi community- and Drag Kings for years to come- can be proud of.

Genre: Biopic, Comedy, Documentary, LGBTQI
Cast: Catherine Saint Jude Pretorius, Marchane' Janeke, Frankie Rose, Bianca Clarke, Sinead Johnson, Chantal Venter
Directed by: Samantha Lea
Music: Catherine Saint Jude Pretorius
Language: English

Links: Visit the ‘Bros B4 Hos’ official Facebook page  IMDb page for ‘Bros B4 Hos’