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A Lucky Man   2979

Release date: Fri 12 Apr 2013
Running time:
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Lost in society. Found in prison.

Cape Town is a veritable ‘tale of two cities’, a city of wealth and of city of poverty; a city of yet undefined identity seeking to live with itself. Ernie Solomon is a man in search of his identity. Is he the product of his circumstances, a victim of fate and of circumstance, a violent criminal destined to live on the periphery of society? Or is he a ‘lucky man’, one who discovers that he has to become a self-directed agent, a master of his own destiny?

“A Lucky Man” explores the question of identity and morality in a society circumscribed by social engineering and by fate.

A complex, powerful life story told through the life of a man, a ‘lucky man’ who spent most of it watching his back and who now faces the future in the knowledge of his hard fought-for and found sense of self.

Cast: Levi du Plooy, Jarrid Geduld, Keenan Arrison, Tauriq Jenkins, Travis Snyders, Ya'qoob Isaacs, Bronwyn van Graan, Theresa Williams, Shanville Brandt, Sherman Pharo, Luke Jansen, Rosco Roman, David Isaacs, Antonio Fisher, Niel Roberts, Jason George, Anathe Shand, Gezelle Collison, Cyster Williams
Directed by: Gordon Clark
Screenplay: Gordon Clark
Music: Ross McDonald, Myles McDonald
Produced by: Marke Fyfe, Gordon Clark

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This work is not currently scheduled for release at Nu Metro.