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Nothing for Mahala  3003

Release date: Fri 4 Oct 2013
Running time:105 (1h45’)
Age restriction:PG

Where did it all go wrong?

Axe Gumede is all about the Benjamins and the Randelas. An up-and-coming property agent, he is desperate to make his mark in life and believes that one has to spend money to make it. The only problem is that he’s spending a lot more than he’s making; driving the flashy car and trying to live up to the Motsepes. This extravagant lifestyle gets him into trouble with loan sharks and, through a series of mishaps, with the law.

His fast-paced career is rudely interrupted when he gets sentenced to 200 hours of community service at nursing home. There, he meets and gets assigned to Hendrik, a grumpy old man who spent his life chasing money and who now finds himself miserable and alone. Their story is a comic clash of cultures spiced up with hard-hitting life lessons.

At the retirement community, Axe finds himself intrigued by the beautiful manager, Reneilwe, whose value system is totally different to his. Being in a world where people are the most valuable resource, Axe finds his own worldviews regularly challenged. But, due to his moneymaking instinct and his growing debt, he negotiates a deal that compromises the well-being of the residents, causing Reneilwe to lose all faith in him.

Can a man like Axe realise that true wealth doesn’t lie in temporary things? Can he change his own journey to make a mark that will cost him everything but gain him much more?

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Jamie Bartlett, Thapelo Mokoena, Marius Weyers
Directed by: Rolie Nikiwe
Screenplay: Darrel Bristow-Bovey
Music: Brendan Jury
Produced by: Mariki Van Der Walt, JP Potgieter, Harriet Gavshon
Language: English

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