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The Devil’s Lair   3059

Release date: Thu 6 Jun 2013
Running time:85 (1h25’)
Age restriction:

Rejected by functioning society, Braaim is an ageing gangster, drug dealer and leader of The Nice Time Kids. Not just another gangsta-fliek, this crafted pacy Verité-style film, opening this Festival, is also a meditation on the nature of freedom, freedom of choice and the chains that bind us from birth. Award-winning director Hendricks transports us deep into a claustrophobic drug den, through the hopelessness that are the streets of Mitchells Plein and the grandiose plans of a gang leader who has still not managed to improve his family’s lot.

Surprising insights in this film will leave us questioning our preconceptions of the complex relationship between violence, poverty, honour, love and free choice.

Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Riaan Hendricks

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