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1994 – The Bloody Miracle   3519

Release date: Sun 15 Jun 2014
Running time:90 (1h30’)
Age restriction:

As we celebrate South Africa’s twenty-years-young democracy, it’s easy to forget how the miracle of the rainbow nation could have just as easily never happened. Rewind to 1994 to a country on the brink of civil war: Chris Hani had just been assassinated, the AWB was mustering it’s forces, a proposed military coup was being plotted between unlikely allies and the country burned with inter-racial and inter-party violence. The conflict seemed certain to derail the already fraught discussions between Nelson Mandela’s negotiators and the outgoing apartheid government. A free and fair election seemed impossible. For the first time, victims, bystanders, key-players and conspirators are brought together in a new truth commission, a forensic examination of our remarkable present. But more than anything, 1994 – The Bloody Miracle reminds us just how crucial it is to understand our history if we are ever to move forward into an enlightened future.

Directed by: Meg Rickards, Bert Haitsma

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