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Abraham  3663

Release date: Fri 16 Oct 2015
Running time:95 (1h35’)
Age restriction:10–12PG

As almal luister, maar niemand hoor jou nie, almal kyk, maar niemand sien jou nie.

Abraham, a dedicated husband and father, struggles to provide for his young wife, Katie, and their four-year-old daughter. But, through his creative determination, he finds patronage in Jong Jans and his Jong’s wife, Almeri. Abraham and Katie settle into their new home, working for Jong and Almeri, but Katie’s battles with mental illness and alcoholism rock the boat. Abraham staunchly supports his wife, but his own ambitions as an artist make him restless. Abraham is a dreamer who wishes to rise above his station in life and make his mark on the world, but the realities of his circumstances get in the way of happiness.

Genre: Drama
Cast: DJ Mouton, Hannes Muller, Franci Swanepoel, Chantell, Phillipus, Jull Levenberg
Directed by: Jans Rautenbach
Screenplay: Jans Rautenbach
Music: Wendy Malan
Produced by: Gustav Kuhn
Language: Afrikaans

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