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Alison  4326

Release date: Fri 12 Aug 2016
Running time:80 (1h20’)
Age restriction:13 SV V
That night, she needed a hero. So, that’s what she became.

Raped, disemboweled, and nearly decapitated, she was dumped on the outskirts of a nature reserve, dead...or so they thought. She needed a hero that night, so that's what she became. This is Alison's tale. A tale of monsters, miracles and hope.

Genre: Documentary
Cast: Alison Botha, Christia Visser, Zak Hendrikz, Francois maree, De Klerk Oelofse
Directed by: Uga Carlini
Screenplay: Uga Carlini
Music: Alice Gillham, Mia and the Moon
Produced by: Uga Carlini
Language: English

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