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Die rebellie van Lafras Verwey  4399

Release date: Fri 7 Apr 2017
Running time:110 (1h50’)
Age restriction:10–12PG V

Lafras Verwey has been a clerk in the civil service for 30 years. By day, he sorts files and whiles away the mundane hours writing grandiose propaganda speeches and drilling imaginary platoons in the washroom, but, unbeknownst to his colleagues, he’s also a clandestine parcel courier for a secret organisation that recruited his services to complete their covert mission.

Genre: Drama
Cast: Tobie Cronjé, Chantell Phillipus, Cobus Visser, Albert Pretorius, Neels Van Jaarsveld, Lionel Newton
Directed by: Simon Barnard
Screenplay: Chris Barnard, Simon Barnard
Music: Janine Neethling
Produced by: Genevieve Hofmeyr, Katinka Heyns
Language: Afrikaans

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