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Days of Tafree  4464

Release date: Fri 23 Sep 2016
Running time:
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In class. Out of class.

Seven friends share their best times. Vicky is a happy-go-lucky boy; he’ll remind you of that one irritating friend who is a big nuisance, yet is the life of the party. Nikhil is an adorable boy who’s deeply in love with Pooja. He’s an ideal boy that any girl would love to date: cool, sanskari, and rich! Dhhulla is the angry man, tall, hungry, and hefty; anything annoys him—easily. Suresh is another annoying friend that is tolerated by the group. He’s desperately seeking a girlfriend. Unfortunately, the girl who’s last on every boy’s list also rejects him. Pooja and Isha are sincere and studious girls—no-nonsense students focused on education. They’re surrounded by friends who are the biggest tafreebaaz of their college. Nisha is an ultra-modern girl who has many dreams. Together, these eight bring a coming-of-age comedy to life.

Genre: Comedy, Coming-of-age
Cast: Yash Soni, Ansh Bagri, Sanchay Goswami, Nimisha Mehta, Kinjal Rajpriya, Sarabjeet Bindra, Anuradha Mukharjee
Directed by: Krishnadev Yagnik
Screenplay: Krishnadev Yagnik
Music: Bobby Imran
Produced by: Anand Pandit, Rashmi Sharma
Language: Hindi

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This work is not currently scheduled for release at Nu Metro.