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Een man se dood is ‘n anne man se dood. Randall and Pam play a cat-and-mouse game blackmailing a powerful criminal while evading a sadistic loan shark.

Released Fri 1 Jun, 2018
Studio:Filmfinity distributes own commercialIndie by Filmfinity
Running time:110 (1h50')
Age restriction:16 D L V

Een man se dood is ‘n anne man se brood.

Randal is a gangster recently crippled by an injury sustained in a gang fight. Wheelchair-bound and cooped up in his apartment in a rough Cape Town neighbourhood, with no one to support him except his devoted girlfriend Pam, Randal is heavily indebted to his former gang-mate and sociopathic loan shark named Emmie. With no way of paying the money back, he despairs for himself and Pam as Emmie violently demonstrates what will happen if Randal doesn’t settle his debt before the end of the week.

Genre: Drama, Thriller
Cast: Irshaad Ally, Monique Rockman, Ephram Gordon, Danny Ross, David Manuel, Sandi Schultz, Elton Landrew, Deon Lotz
Directed by: Nosipho Dumisa
Screenplay: Nosipho Dumisa
Music: James Matthes
Produced by: Ben Overmeyer
Language: Afrikaans
Country / Year: South Africa,  2017

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Paying homage to the Hitchcock classic, ‘Rear Window,’ ‘Number 37’ tells the story of a small-time criminal, now crippled, and still in debt to a dangerous loan shark.