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Woodwind   4858

Release date: Sat 21 Oct 2017
Running time:136 (2h16’)
Age restriction:

Woodwind is a deep journey of a doubter, a composer who rather believe in his own madness than the existence of the extraordinary. Ironically, his is a faithful path, following his feelings and realizing the meaning of how they connect to his ‘other half’.
The composer is inspired by the role of his mother and the eternal ‘Mother Nature’ when the artist turns to his roots, becoming an instrument to channel the power of sound.
From South America he first tries to explain to his Swiss girlfriend that he received an email from a woman who poetically described his movements in the woods that same day. Searching for the truth, he has to travel across the world to meet this mysterious painter at one tree in the middle of an Indian jungle to understand the meaning of the vision.
From the waters of one of the oldest living cities to the Himalaya mountains, he is haunted by her memories and learns to tune into his own voice in music, setting him on a path of self-discovery, artistic fulfilment and personal redemption from his relationships with the three women in his life.
Are the mysterious signs between the composer and painter proof of the spirit, a soul or is he falling into a rabbit hole? In his unreachable striving for ultimate happiness and perfection, in his longing his suffering is born, and it is in this struggle between his dreams and aspirations, a spirit is forged.

Cast: Jasmin Jandreau, Leandro Taub, Gopala Davies
Directed by: Fin Manjoo
Language: English, Spanish, German

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