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Mayfair  5083

Release date: Fri 2 Nov 2018
Running time:94 (1h34’)
Age restriction:16 L V

When the money goes wrong, everything goes wrong.

Computer whiz and prodigal son Zaid is on a quest for spiritual discovery. As an international aid worker, he lives as far away as possible from his father, Aziz Randera, a successful importer-exporter and occasional money launderer and loan shark.

But when he is fired from his job in a refugee camp for ignoring the rules by actually doing good rather than shuffling papers, Zaid returns to Johannesburg and to Mayfair, an Indian Muslim enclave, for the first time in years.

At home, everything has changed. The old neighbourhood is full of new immigrants with clashing customs. Business has been tough – his father is in over his head as a result of a soured deal with ruthless Somalis. Smelling blood, young Turks are circling the family business.

Zaid remains reluctant to become involved but when Ameena, his first love, and Faiza, his baby sister, are kidnapped after a failed cash-drop intended to resolve the Somali deal, will he finally get off the fence and choose between saving his family and preserving his faith?

Zaid is fighting to be a good man in an evil world, but this world is fighting back.

Genre: Drama, Crime
Cast: Ronak Patani, Wayne van Rooyen, Ameera Patel, Rajesh Gopie, Ilze Klink, Warren Masemola, Arman Haggio, Kelly Eve Koopman, Jack Devnarain
Directed by: Sara Blecher
Screenplay: Neil McCarthy
Music: Philip Miller
Produced by: Dayo Ogunyemi, Sara Blecher, Imraan Jeeva, Omar Khan
Language: English

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