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Soorma   5196

Release date: Fri 13 Jul 2018
Running time:131 (2h11’)
Age restriction:10–12PG V
The floods in Patiala leave eight years old Sandeep’s family homeless and devastated. His father, Gurcharan finds shelter for his family at his elder brother’s house in Shahbad. Worried about their future and to keep the kids occupied, Gurcharan sends his sons, Sandeep and Bikram for hockey training at a local institute. While the elder brother, Bikram pursues hockey sincerely, Sandeep discontinues hockey as he refuses to bow down to the coach’s severely harsh ways of training and instead, assists his uncle on his farm.

Years pass by. Bikram is in contention for getting selected for hockey’s national team while Sandeep continues to work at his uncle’s farm. One day while faffing around near Bikram’s practice ground, he has an encounter with Preeto, a national hockey player. He is mesmerized by her beauty and skill. When Sandeep tries to woo her, she calls off his bluff of being a hockey player by defeating him badly at a game of hockey between the two of them. A hugely embarrassed Sandeep makes up his mind to become a hockey player to earn the lost respect in Preeto’s eyes, even if that means going back to the same old coach he detests and starts his training sincerely. Preeto appreciates his sincerity and humbleness. She helps him practice hockey as the coach just makes him run around more than learn hockey. Sandeep starts playing matches for the state of Haryana. Preeto and Sandeep grow close. Bikram is called to NIS Patiala to be a part of the national camp.

The coach does not like Preeto going around with Sandeep. He gives Preeto a rigorous punishment on the practice ground one day. Sandeep lambasts the coach and leaves. When Preeto’s brother confronts Sandeep, he assures him that he would get into the national hockey team and get himself a secure job in order to match up to their expectations in 4 months or would never show his face again.

Sandeep struggles his way up at NIS Patiala. Soon he becomes a sensation at the local matches with his unique drag-flicking technique. He goes on to play at the Poland tournament in 2003 and earns the title of “Flicker Singh”.

While travelling to join the national team that was to fly to Germany for the World Cup in 2006, he gets hit by an accidental gunshot. He goes into a coma for 15 days and wakes up to realize that his legs have been left paralysed. The doctor tells him that if at all he manages to stand on his feet someday, he won’t be able to walk without support. While he lies crippled and his family suffers grief, Sandeep wonders why Preeto has not come to visit him. Preeto never comes to see him. As Sandeep’s family struggles between taking care of him and making ends meets, Sandeep is only aggrieved by Preeto’s absence.

Cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Tapsee Pannu, Angad Bedi
Directed by: Shaad Ali
Language: Hindi

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This work is not on the 8-week window, i.e. is not currently scheduled for release at Nu Metro.