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Load Wedding  5199

Release date: Wed 22 Aug 2018
Running time:138 (2h18’)
Age restriction:
Load Wedding is a social comedy encircling the stigmas attached in our society to weddings with just the right blend of light hearted comedy, ironic situations and intense emotions.

The story unfolds with Raja (Fahad Mustafa) who lives in a small town with his parents and an unmarried sister; Baby Baji. The plot takes a twist when Raja finally musters up the courage to profess his feelings for Meeru and life throws a curve ball at him. The sudden demise of his father that very day leaves Raja with the responsibility of filling in his father’s shoes while finding a husband for his sister.

Finding a decent man who is ready to accept Baby Baji despite her age and weight while battling the age old tradition of dowry proved to be a never ending struggle for Raja. The film touches the irony of how wedding which is supposed to be a blessing turns in fact into a curse with all the hidden “load” that has been attached to it in our culture.

Meanwhile, Meeru who between all of this had been married has returned back home after the unfortunate death of her husband soon after their wedding. Once again society does what it does best and labels her as “cursed” and “bad luck” as if fate was her fault.

Meeru’s return in the town ignites the love in Raja’s heart and once again he tries to win her over. However, this time he faces issues from his family which he did not anticipate. Raja’s mother and Baby Baji were not in favor of him getting married while his sister was still unmarried. Eventually Raja manages to convince them and finally gets married to Meeru. But even after marriage, Baby Baji is not able to accept Meeru and they have constant friction in their relationship.

Call it luck or God’s grand master plan, Meeru’s steps in Raja’s life brings about just the right amount of luck that he needed. Meeru’s single entry gets selected for the much sought after game show out of the thousands of entries from across the city and ends up winning more than anyone could have anticipated which they decide to give Baby Baji in her dowry.

But fate again takes another down turn and all that they won from the show gets stolen from their house. Raja and Meeru now have 24 hours to arrange all what was lost to save his sister’s wedding.
Will Raja and Meeru be able to do the impossible and fight the stigmas of dowry or will they give in to this age old curse?

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Cast: Fahad Mustafa, Mehwish Hayat, Samina Ahmed, Faiza Hasan, Qaiser Piya, Noor Ul Hassan, Faheen Khan, Shanzay Khan, Ehteshamuddin
Directed by: Nabeel Qureshi
Screenplay: Fizza Ali Meerza, Nabeel Qureshi
Music: Shani Arshad
Produced by: Fizza Ali Meerza, Mehdi Ali
Language: Urdu

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This work is not on the 8-week window, i.e. is not currently scheduled for release at Nu Metro.