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My Spy  5396
‘My Spy’ - Dave Bautista is a pro spy. Chloe Coleman is a natural. Now he has to teach the young lady how to be a spy, or she’ll blow his cover in this family action-comedy.

Release date: Fri 13 Mar 2020
Running time:100 (1h40’)
Age restriction:13 L V

Almost totally in control.

Hardened CIA operative JJ has been demoted and finds himself at the mercy of a precocious 9-year-old girl named Sophie, where he has been sent undercover begrudgingly to surveil her family. When Sophie discovers hidden cameras in her apartment, she uses her tech savvy to locate the surveillance operation. In exchange for not blowing JJ’s cover, Sophie convinces him to spend time with her and teach her to be a spy. Despite his reluctance, JJ finds he’s no match for Sophie’s disarming charm and wit.

Genre: Family, Comedy, Action
Cast: Dave Bautista
Kristen Schaal, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Chloe Coleman and Ken Jeong
Directed by: Peter Segal
Music: Dominic Lewis
Produced by: Chris Bender, Jake Weiner, Dave Bautista, Jonathan Meisner, Peter Segal, Robert Simonds, Gigi Pritzker
Language: English
Country / Year: USA, 

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Dave Bautista is a pro. Chloe Coleman is a natural. When she blows his cover, he agrees to teach her how to be a spy in exchange for keeping her mouth zipped.