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Sodium Day
A dramatic slice of life about a diverse group of students who come together in a poor school in the Cape Flats.

Released Fri 22 Apr, 2022
Distributor:Gravel Road AfricaGravel Road Africa
Running time:100 (1h40')
Age restriction:18 D L P V

Prepare to get schooled.

Itʼs a tumultuous day in the life of a mixed bag of students at a poor government school on the Cape Flats. John Shelby Highʼs Grade 12Y class is the only class doing matric Mathematics. Itʼs September, a month away from the matric exams, and they still donʼt have a math teacher. Six woefully unqualified temps have already come and gone during the year, leaving everyone hopelessly inadequately prepared for the upcoming finals. The class is made up of a cynical and disenfranchised mixed group of black and coloured students, and the latent racism that still exists in this environment often rises to the surface.

A newly qualified white substitute teacher arrives to teach, though he isnʼt a math teacher…heʼs qualified as a History and English teacher. The day is further complicated by the arrival of a teacher and a group of students from an upper-class school, whose day-long visit is part of a cultural exchange programme, but they’re shunted around from class to class by cynical, burnt-out teachers who don’t want interlopers in their classes.

The clash of cultures brings things to a volatile head.

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Coming-of-age
Cast: Amandla Galeni, Amy Li Jiang, Ashlon Thomas, Carryn Van Der Heever, Chelsea Joy, David Stewart, Haamidah Mohammad, Jennifer Timbo, Jesse Frankson, Juni Howard, Kim Fester, Lauren Smith, Lesego Mthikge, Lucia Daniels, Luke Unser, Mario Matiya, Marvin Safoor, Matt Van Leeve, Ross Van Leeve, Sithenkosi Magatya, Babalwa Yolo, Lwanele Veco, Sesuthu Zamxaka, Robyn Williams, Taylor Storm, Charlton George
Directed by: Riaz Solker
Screenplay: Riaz Solker
Produced by: Riaz Solker
Language: English
Country / Year: South Africa,  2018

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‘Sodium Day’ is a comedy­-drama slice­-of-­life film about a poor school in the Cape Flats, where things come to a head and explode, just as the sodium exploded when the boys stole some from the science lab and threw it onto the waterlogged school field.