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My Sweet Monster
Бука. Мое любимое чудище
Wilful princess Barbara escapes from her wedding to avoid marrying evil Bundy, who wants to seize power of the kingdom. Can the king of the wilderness save her?

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Studio:Filmfinity distributes own commercialIndie by Filmfinity
Running time:98 (1h38')
Age restriction:PG V
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Life is an adventure.

On her wedding day, rebellious Princess Barbara flees the kingdom to escape from evil postman Bundy, who wants to marry her to seize power. Suddenly, sheʼs rescued by Bogey, the odd-but-lovable king of the wilderness. Bundy plots to rob the forestʼs supply of Spark, a magical lifegiving elixir. Only Bogey, Barbara, and their bouncy friend Bunny can stop Bundy – but can they face Bundyʼs vicious army of giant, robotic rats?

Genre: Adventure, Animated, Comedy, Family, Romance
Cast: Pauly Shore, Hayley Duff, John Heder
Directed by: Viktor Glukhushin, Maxim Volkov
Screenplay: Maxim Volkov, Alexander Arkhipov, Dmitry Novoselov
Music: Mikhail Chertishchev, Georgy Zheryakov
Produced by: Sergey Selyanov, Georgy Gitis
Language: English
Country / Year: Russia,  2020

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An incredible story about the obstinate princess Varvara, who runs away from the palace, after getting tired of her father – Tsar Elisey constant admonitions to her. She gets captured by the forest bandit Buka and turns his life into a mess. The princess tries to bring to the forest her own rules and becomes an object of the bandit’s envy. However, tasting hatred, you can taste love.

The whole family will enjoy this magical, musical adventure.