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Jungle Beat the Movie  5542
‘Jungle Beat the Movie’ - Animated children's comedy. When an alien arrives and brings them the power of speech, the Jungle Beat animals think it's the best thing ever!

Release date:
Running time:109 (1h49’)
Age restriction:

Something funny is happening in the jungle.

The Jungle Beat animals think it’s the best thing ever when an alien arrives in the jungle bringing with him the power of speech for all the animals. They also surprisingly think it’s the best thing ever when they find out that he’s been sent to conquer them. What follows is a delightfully fun and heart-warming story of friendship, acceptance and optimism where we finally find out who’s really conquering whom.

Genre: Animated, Family, Comedy, Children's
Cast: David Menkin, Ed Kear, Ina Marie Smith
Directed by: Brent Dawes
Screenplay: Brent Dawes
Produced by: Tim Keller, Rita Mbanga, Joe Pistorious
Language: English
Country / Year: Mauritius,  2020

Links: Visit the ‘Jungle Beat the Movie’ official website    Visit the ‘Jungle Beat the Movie’ official Facebook page    YouTube Trailer    ‘Jungle Beat the Movie’ official Instagram               #junglebeatthemovie

The film is a co production with Sunrise Productions and based off the highly successful “Jungle Beat” brand, which has been broadcast in approximately 200 countries worldwide and has a 65 million-per-month audience on YouTube. ‘Jungle Beat the Movie’ is the first in what is potentially Sandcastle Studio’s flagship franchise of feature films for this popular brand. ‘Jungle Beat the Movie’ tells the story of a little alien who has begrudgingly been sent to Earth to conquer the planet. His presence causes great excitement among the animals as, with his arrival, they have all gained the power of speech, thanks to the special speech pod that he carries.