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‘Uncovered’ - It’s a scandal in Richards Bay as the people try to stop a mine’s operations for health reasons. Starring Sthandiwe Kgoroge and “Scandal’s” Nqobile Khumalo.

Release date: Fri 30 Aug 2019
Running time:98 (1h38’)
Age restriction:16 L S V

Knowing too much can turn your world into a dangerous place.

Aluta’s life is going well. She works for mining magnate Frank Drake who, since Aluta’s parents were killed when she was a child, has become a surrogate father to her. The premier, Nomusa Zwide, is running to be the first female president of South Africa. The only fly in her ointment is her sister Pumla—a tenacious journalist with a history of mental illness. Pumla smells a rat when Frank Drake announces his plans to sell his mine to the local Somkhele community.

Aluta refuses to take Pumla seriously, until Pumla is murdered. When police rule the murder a suicide, Aluta suspects foul play. Desperate to find the murderer, Aluta picks up the investigation where Pumla left off. As she puts the pieces together, it turns out Frank’s mine has been overmined and he’s selling a useless piece of land to the Somkhele people.

Aluta’s digging also draws Frank’s attention. He takes out a hit on her, forcing her into hiding. She’ll have to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend, a hacker who’s stolen millions from Frank’s company, to help her if she’s to stay alive long enough to reveal the truth to the world.

Will this trusting young woman be able to become the hardened survivor who can make impossible choices in order to save not just herself, but her country?

Genre: Thriller, Politics
Cast: Sthandiwe Kgoroge, Nqobile Khumalo, Dumisani Mbebe, Robert Hobbs
Directed by: Zuko Nodada
Produced by: Thandeka Nodada
Country / Year: South Africa,  2019

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Directed by award-winning director Zuko Nodada and produced by Thandeka Nodada (née Malinga), this film stars Sthandiwe Kgoroge, “Scandal’s” Nqobile Khumalo, Dumisani Mbebe, and Robert Hobbs. It’s taken from a true story of the people of Richards Bay, who were embroiled in a court battled with Somkhele Coal Mine to force it to halt its operations for health reasons. Fictionally dramatised, the film exposes corruption and the burning issue of land, as a mining magnate tries to sell the worthless mine to the people. Blood spills when Hack works with the main character, Aluta (played by Nqobile), to expose corruption.