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MANOU the Swift
(Birds of a Feather / Swift)  5583
‘MANOU the Swift’ - Animated adventure featuring Manou, a swift who thinks he’s a seagull.

Release date: Fri 15 Nov 2019
Running time:88 (1h28’)
Age restriction:PG V

Manou grows up believing he is a seagull, like his parents. He strives to swim, fish, and fly like they do, but he’s not very good at it. At summer race, he discovers why—to his great shock, he finds out he was adopted as a much-hated swift. His family still stands by him, claiming he is a bird like them. His seagull brother, Luc, admires him wildly.

One night, Manou fails to guard the eggs, and loses one to the rats. The seagulls are outraged and he’s expelled from home. Distraught, he runs away, and meets Parcival, a funny Guinea Fowl who cannot fly but turns out to be a great friend. When Manou meets Kalifa, a stunning female swift, he checks out the swifts‘ way with his new buddies, Yusuf and Poncho, and falls for Kalifa along the way!

Stakes are high as rats hijack swift eggs and a big storm threatens the seagulls. For Manou to save them both, he’ll have to be courageous like a seagull and inventive like a swift.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Animated
Cast: Kate Winslet, Willem Dafoe, Josh Keaton, David Shaughnessy, Mikey Kelley, Nolan North, Arif Kinchen, Julie Nathanson, Rob Paulsen
Directed by: Andrea Block, Christian Haas
Screenplay: Andrea Block, Axel Melzener
Music: Wick & Detel
Produced by: Andrea Block, Christian Haas
Language: English, German
Country / Year: Germany,  2019

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Manou the swift grows up believing he’s a seagull. Learning to fly, he finds out he’ll never be one. Distraught, he runs away from home, meets birds of his own species, and finds out who he really is. When both seagull and swift alike face a dangerous threat, Manou takes heroic action.