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Couples’ Night  5585
‘Couples’ Night’ - The key to marriage may be next-door. Starring Charles Malik Whitfield and Reagan Gomez.

Release date: Fri 29 Nov 2019
Running time:94 (1h34’)
Age restriction:13 L

The key to marriage may be next-door.

A mid-western couple is transferred to Washington DC for work and meet the neighbours, a super-intense couple. As their friendships develop, confusion unfolds in this country-mice-meet-city-mice adventure.

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Cast: Charles Malik Whitfield, Reagan Gomez, Tony Rock, Denise Boutte, Clifton Powell
Biz Markie, Porsha Ferguson, Lorenzo Thomas, Camilo Chimurenga, Grace Amazin, Madelyne Woods, Micah Baylor, Kasey Baylor, Jay Dukes
Directed by: Mark Harris
Music: Ebony Byrd
Produced by: Bree Baylor, ND Brown, Brett Dismuke, Chuck West
Language: English
Country / Year: USA,  2018

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Kia (Reagan Gomez) and Kev (Charles Malik Whitfield) move from the midwest to Washington, DC and experience a bumpy transition into their new lives when they meet new friends (Tony Rock and Denise Boutte) in this country-mouse-meets-city-mouse romatic comedy.