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Bhangra Paa Le   5637

Release date: Fri 1 Nov 2019
Running time:
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Bhangra Paa Le explores the significance of dance in the lives of Kaptaan Singh and his grandson Jaggi Singh. Set against two timelines, the film transitions between both their journeys giving a historical context as well as a present day take on this energetic Punjabi dance form. Kaptaan: a dance enthusiast, gets recruited by the British Army for a unique job. He uses music and dance to motivate soldiers of the British Army (Britishers, Italians, Indians) and encourages them to fight towards victory against the Germans during World War 2 (1944). Through his journey, he spreads joy and cheer in an incredibly tough and dark time. When the joy of dance leaves him and war gets the better of him, we see his struggle in finding the love of life he once had. A hero at war now has to find a way to make it back to the love of his life and reignite the same passion he once had for Bhangra.

The second protagonist Jaggi is a young, confident college boy who is the best dancer this college has ever seen in present day Amritsar. Through his journey, we discover the nature of Inter-college and International Bhangra competitions. His passion reaches an extreme and becomes an obsession and the film deals with the growth he goes through in order to build and work as part of a team. Sparks fly when he meets a dancer Simi who is at par with him, but when he discovers she’s from a rival college this romantic story gets a new twist. Now whilst they are constantly opposing each other, they manage to start falling for one another. The screenplay transitions between the past and present story throughout and the film explores what Bhangra means to these characters and more importantly the impact it has on them personally.

Genre: Music
Cast: Sunny Kaushal,Rukshar Dhillon
Mark Bennington, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Naila Grewal, Sunit Razdan, Jashan Singh Kohli
Directed by: Sneha Taurani
Screenplay: Dheeraj Rattan
Music: Kaushik-Akash-Guddu, Shubham, Keeran, Ana, A-Bazz, Niloptal for Jam, Rishi Rich, Ketan Sodha
Produced by: Ronnie Screwvala
Language: Hindi
Country / Year: India,  2019

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