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The Golden Cock: Revenge of
An everyday man sets out for revenge armed with an ancient super power martial art after a notorious gangster steals his prized Ford Cortina XR6.

Released Thu 24 Dec, 2020
Studio:Nu Metro Cinemas exhibits own acquisition.Nu Metro Cinemas
Running time:82 (1h22')
Age restriction:16 D L V

Manu, an average Joe, refuses to sell a classic Ford Cortina left to him by his father, and is beaten up and left for dead by thugs loyal to notorious crime kingpin Santosh. In a twist of fate, Manu doesnʼt die, but is kept alive by a mystical force known as “The Golden Cock”—a rooster that infuses him with an immense fighting spirit.

To harness the power of the Golden Cock, Manu must train in martial arts under the tutelage of the enigmatic and unconventional Master Logie. Then, he must set out on a classic revenge quest and get payback on Santosh and his ruthless underbosses, collectively known as “The Madir 5.”

Armed with flaming fists, nanchucks, samarais and the The Golden Cock glow, Manu must destroy Santoshʼs criminal syndicate and defeat the crime boss himself to rid the town of tyranny, and get his fatherʼs Cortina back.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts
Cast: Masood Boomgaard, Logie Naidoo, Bash with Tash, Keshan Chetty, Mangaliso Mhlongo, Robbie Muller, Nichal Ramchander, Sanjeev Singh
Directed by: Masood Boomgaard
Screenplay: Masood Boomgaard
Produced by: Masood Boomgaard
Language: English
Country / Year: South Africa,  2020

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The Golden Cock is a action comedy/martial arts revenge movie with a Durban twist, drawing inspiration from kung-fu flicks of yesteryear, Bruce Lee movies, spaghetti westerns, and spoofs. Produced, written, and directed by Massood Boomgaard.