Sleeper’s Wake
John Wraith, mid-40s, regains consciousness in hospital, his wife and daughter dead in a car accident because he fell asleep at the wheel. To find solace, he retreats to a tiny remote coastal hamlet where he comes across a troubled teenage girl, Jackie, who is struggling to come to terms with the murder of her mother during a barbarous robbery at their home. A dangerous physical attraction develops between them. Despite the threat of discovery, they consummate their relationship, with devastating consequences.
© 2012 Bioskope Filmworks

Cast: Lionel Newton, Jay Anstey, Deon Lotz
Director: Barry Berk
Written by: Barry Berk
Music: Daniel Caleb, Jamie Matthes
Release date: Fri 8 Mar 2013
Language: English
Running time: 94
Age restriction: 16  L N S V