Hoener met die rooi skoene
It was a dark and stormy night. Bonnie van der Byl, a receptionist at the internationally renowned De Waal Theatrical Agency, is working late, when she discovers the body of her boss—the successful, but not-as-popular Mossel Bay businessman, Du Toit de Waal—with a dagger on his back. Bonnie calls the police and Constable Mickey Mentz is assigned to the case. Mentz finds himself thrown in a web of secrets and lies, as another victim is also found with a stab wound in the back. Bonnie decides to compete with the constable, as self-appointend amateur sleuth.

Cast: Lida Botha, Deon Lotz, Lizz Meiring, Dorette Potgieter, Louw Venter, Andre Weideman
Director: Koos Roets
Written by: Koos Roets
Music: Machiel Roets
Release date: Fri 27 Jan 2017
Language: Afrikaans
Running time: 109
Age restriction: 10–12PG  L V