The Recce
So vee die bos ons spore vinnig uit.
After the SADF wrongly declares a young Recce dead behind enemy lines, it is up to him alone to use every skill and tool in his arsenal to make it back to his grieving wife. With the enemy hot on his trail, and a gunshot wound in his gut, Henk’s chances for survival are looking slim as he navigates the treacherous war torn African landscape.

Cast: Greg Kriek, Christia Visser, Elsabé Daneel, Marius Weyers, Maurice Carpede, Albert Maritz, Grant Swanby
Director: Johannes Ferdinand Van Zyl
Music: Graham Ward, Richard Craker
Release date: Fri 28 Sep 2018
Language: Afrikaans, English
Running time: 115
Age restriction: 16  L V