Finding Your Feet
Sometimes, you need a push in the right direction.
When ‘Lady’ Sandra Abbott discovers that her husband of forty years is having an affair with her best friend, she seeks refuge with her estranged bohemian elder sister, Bif. Sandra couldn’t be more different to her outspoken, serial-dating, free-spirited sibling.

But, it turns out that different is just what Sandra needs, and she reluctantly lets Bif drag her along to her community dance class, where, gradually, she starts finding her feet... and romance.
© 2017 Finding Your Feet Film

Cast: Imelda Staunton, Timothy Spall, Celia Imrie, David Hayman, John Sessions, Joanna Lumley
Director: Richard Loncraine
Written by: Meg Leonard, Nick Moorcroft
Music: Michael J. McEvoy
Release date: Fri 25 May 2018
Language: English
Running time: 111
Age restriction: 13  D L