Anonymity is the enemy
In a world where there is no privacy or anonymity, even our private memories are recorded, and crime ceases to exist—almost. In trying to solve a series of murders, Sal Frieland stumbles onto a young woman who appears to have subverted the system and gone off-grid. She has no identity, no history and no record. Sal realises that crime may not be over, but only just beginning.

Known only as “The Girl,’ she must be found before Sal becomes the next victim.
© 2017 K5 Film GmbH

Cast: Clive Owen, Amanda Seyfried, Colm Feore, Mark O’Brien, Sonya Walger, Joe Pingue, Idoo Goldberg
Director: Andrew Niccol
Written by: Andrew Niccol
Music: Christophe Beck
Release date: Fri 16 Nov 2018
Language: English
Running time: 100
Age restriction: 16  D L N S V