Ander mens
Klein foutjie. Groot f*kop.
Daniel Niemand is the kind of dumpy little sad-sack that even flies wouldn’t care to buzz around—and that’s on a good day. But that all changes when his wife leaves him for their marriage counsellor and he unknowingly becomes integral in a high-level police ploy to capture a local crime syndicate.

Welcome to the worst week in Daniel Niemand’s life.

Cast: Bennie Fourie, Marlee Van Der Merwe, Frank Opperman, James Borthwick, Laudo Liebenberg
Director: Quentin Krog
Written by: Quentin Krog, Sean Robert Daniels, Frannie Van Der Walt
Music: Häzer Van Der Spuy, Melissa Van Der Spuy
Release date: Fri 23 Aug 2019
Language: Afrikaans
Subtitles: English
Running time: 105
Age restriction: 16  L N V

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